Top 4 Home Theater Equipment You Should Get

    Are you looking for the best home theater equipment? We gathered high-quality and affordable options you can consider. Check out the list below and get to know the description of each item.

    1. Projector

    Try JVC DLA-NX5 if you want the best picture quality for your home and the size of your space is suitable. Because of its great contrast ratio, amazing detail, and rich color, it was the top performer with both HD and 4K video.

    Moreover, it has excellent dynamic tone mapping of HDR signals so all of the details in bright highlights are preserved to the best of its ability. The projector is simple to set up thanks to the automated lens, and it produces an accurate image right out of the box.

    2. Speakers

    The Polk Signature Series is the most affordable surround-sound speaker system we’ve discovered. The S15 for the front left and right channels, the S10 for surround speakers, and the S35 for the center speaker are all available in the Signature series. These speakers were on par with others in their price category, and they sounded much better than many of the more costly systems we examined.

    With both stereo and surround sources, the S15/S10/S35 combo produced a powerful, rich sound. The Signature Series’ style is much more elegant than we would anticipate from a speaker series with such a low price tag.

    3. TV

    We choose the TCL 5-Series if you’re searching for a feature-rich TV with good performance for about $500. It’s TCL’s budget TV series, with features like a full-array local-dimming LED backlight for improved visual contrast and quantum dots for fuller color.

    It’s also available in Roku TV and Google TV models, so you can pick the one that best suits your streaming preferences. Both versions support HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range formats, with HDR10+ compatibility added to the Google TV version. The 5-Series also has several HDMI 2.1 functions, making it compatible with today’s game consoles.

    4. Universal remote

    The SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote Control is a well-designed universal remote that provides a bunch of functions than you may imagine for approximately $50 if you simply need to control AV devices and want a do-it-yourself option. 

    It can control up to 15 devices, including AV devices that use infrared and Bluetooth. It boasts an easy-to-use button layout with most of the control choices you’ll need, and the OLED screen makes switching between the many AV devices you wish to manage a snap.

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